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My One Word for the Year - 2018


A little over a year ago now (December, 2016), a friend of mine, David, called to tell me about a program that he heard on the radio.  He was listening to a show called “In The Market”, hosted by Janet Parshall that is broadcast on Moody Radio.  She was interviewing the author of the book, “My One Word” by Mike Ashcraft.  In it, he suggests that coming up with a list of New Year Resolutions is generally not very productive.  Instead, he suggests that selecting just one word to focus on for the year has far greater success, than the list of resolutions which rarely makes it beyond the first month of the year.

He (David) told me that he had selected “Purpose” for his word.

Not sure how long it was after he told me his word that I came up with mine – Inspiration.  I want to be inspired and I want to inspire others.  Focusing on that word for this past year is one of the major reasons why I started up my broadcasting again and started with Constitution Party Talk Radio.

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