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Actions have Consequences

Oregon BusinessI was just reading an article about how Oregon is dealing with a recent "Minimum Wage" Law.

Oregon grapples with consequences of landmark minimum wage law

I truly just don't understand how people can be so ignorant about how our government "Fixing" living wages causes prices to go up and I am totally baffled by those who don't understand that when wages go up, the prices of goods go up. and if the prices of goods don't go up, then jobs are lost.

A "LIVING WAGE" is a hoax that people just don't understand.

To give you an example, I'm retired. I don't get a wage increase, YET, because people want a wage increase (without earning it), I'm going to have to suffer the prices of the goods going up. What's interesting is that those who get the wage increase don't understand that they are the cause of higher prices everywhere on everything.

OH..... >>>> I know >>>>> let's make sure the government put a price freeze on everything so that no prices on goods can go up at the same time wages go up.


Not to worry/ The government put a freeze on rising prices so they can't pass the cost of higher wages and taxes on to the consumer.

Consequently, you force small businesses to close and bigger businesses and companies to either close or leave this country and go over seas, because they can't afford to do business here in the United States.  And you wonder why it's getting harder to get (find) a job, or actually maintain a "LIVING WAGE."

MOVE OVER SEAS WHERE YOU FORCED THEM ALL TO GO IN THE FIRST PLACE. Maybe then you can get a living wage there with the companies and businesses that you forced to leave.

ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. It's just a law of life.

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Friday, June 21 2024

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