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My One Word for the Year - 2024


Up until two years ago, for about 4 years, I implemented “My One Word of the Year.”  Interestingly, as I was about to post this on my blog, when I discovered the first article that I wrote on the subject.  It tells how I discovered the “One Word” principle, and that my word for 2018 was “Discipline”.  It was the second word, my first was “Inspiration” in 2017.  After using the One Word strategy for 2 years, I found that I was far more successful in my personal growth with a word of the year, than working on a “New Year’s Resolution,” which I was never really all that successful beyond a few of weeks.

So, I decided around the first of December 2023 that I was going to choose “My One Word for the Year” again.  By about the 3rd week, I had 5 words written on my white board that seemed like a good list of potential words that I would focus on for the upcoming year.

This year, I really wanted a new word for this year, but I just couldn’t shake the word discipline from rattling around in my head.  Yeah, I know, I’m a Marine and should know something about discipline and I do.  However, I never really had to worry about discipline, as there was always someone willing to tell me what to do.  I was really struggling to get beyond the word discipline.  While I couldn’t, I began to realize that what I REALLY needed to work on is Self-Discipline.  So I finally decided on My One Word for the year.  OR DID I??

Well, I found I couldn’t shake the other words that I wrote down on my whiteboard either.  I realized that I needed a bit more to help me with a more well-rounded growth this year and decided that I will keep the other 4 words as well.

The following is the list of My Five Words that will be my guiding principles for this coming year.  They are in order of precedence for the year.

  1. Self-Discipline
  2. Consistency
  3. Courage
  4. Inspiration
  5. Enthusiasm

The first two words are for personal growth.  Self-Discipline is my primary Word for the year, Bu I believe that a very important component of self-discipline is Consistency.  Many people have heard me say and pretty well know it to be true, “There is only one consistency in my life and it is as sure as the sun rising tomorrow and that is that there is NO CONSISTENCY in my life.”  I Know that I need to have consistency in my self-discipline and self-discipline in my consistency.

Chris Brady (One of the co-founders of the Life Leadership company) said in one of his audios, “You only need to be disciplined long enough to establish a habit” and I believe that was certainly echoed in the book “Atomic Habits”.

Words 3 through 5 are about my public-character growth. 

  1. Courage – Having the courage to lead, by doing uncomfortable things. In getting older, I have discovered that I have gotten a little soft in taking charge of the things that I need to get done. For me, it’s not about going against the grain.  That’s always be in my nature, it’s the fear of failing in things less intimidating.
  2. Inspiration – I want to be inspired and I want to inspire others.
  3. Enthusiasm – On this one, I Know… You’re saying, “But Randy, you already have enthusiasm.” You’re right, I am, But, I need to be enthusiastic in the right things.  I need to be enthusiastic about my team and I need to be real enthusiastic about the wonderful mentors that I have.  I need to be more enthusiastic about establishing goals and running after them.

It was reading through the book by Brian Tracy, “Eat That Frog!”, that made it all pretty clear to me what I needed to focus on.  And quite frankly, I’m going to need all 5 words to help me implement the principles that are laid out within its pages, especially in making those lists.  With God’s help, I will overcome!!

I STRONGLY encourage you to take a look into implementing the One Word principle into your life.  You can learn more about it by going to https://myoneword.org/ .  There is even a link there that can help you to determine/choose your word of the year, and there is even a book you can get to help you with it as well.

What is going to be your word of the year??

Please comment below with your comments!


My One Word for the Year - 2018


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Friday, February 23 2024

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