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Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal

October 1998 to February 2003

Marine Corps Base, Camp Smedley D. Butler, Okinawa, Japan


For outstanding meritorious service while serving as the VIP Program Manager and SNCOIC of the Microcomputer Training Section, Customer Services Branch, G-6 Division, Marine Corps Base, Camp Smedley D. Butler, from 1 October 1998 to 30 April 2003. His diligent work and dedication to duty was evident to all those whom he worked with and is clearly apparent as evidenced by his numerous accomplishments.

His outstanding performance was instrumental in the command's achievement of numerous objectives, particularly relating to on-site telecommunications VIP support to the Commanding Generals, Chiefs of Staff, and Assistant Chiefs of Staff throughout various Marine Corps commands aboard Okinawa. He has taken the VIP Program Manager position to a higher level of professionalism. He established a solid working relationship with the Marine Corps Base headquarters element at Building 1, Camp Butler, vastly expanding the Commanding General's and Staff's awareness of telecommunications capabilities and advantages. He has raised the position to a higher level of involvement in Command and Control issues than previously envisioned. By his actions, he has had a most significant positive impact on the overall effectiveness of the G6 information systems infrastructure and established a sound basis for the future use of advanced technology for voice and data communications.

Gunnery Sergeant Stufflebeam was responsible for coordinating all VIP telecommunications support to include administrative and technical support for computer desktop systems, remote network access, and global cellular phone services. He performed in an exemplary manner multiple tasks that included responding to virus alerts, systems troubleshooting and escalation, system administration and software implementation. He has provided continuous VIP support for three Commanding Generals, the relocation requirements of two on-island Commanding Generals, and post 9/11 Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection requirements.

Recognizing a need to improve response time to the Building 1 telecommunications demands, he led the effort to increase direct interaction with end users by increasing the number of on-site visits to Building 1. His more frequent site visits and interaction significantly improved communications and morale while reflecting a positive image of the G6 Division. Additionally, He spent countless hours outside of the normal work schedule in providing first-class VIP support. In addition to on-site support, he provided VIP users support by answering functional questions and by remotely logging onto their systems to resolve problems. He has taken the initiative to generate a computer-based tracking system to facilitate continuous assessments and overview of all telecommunications requirements for the VIP program which will certainly be regarded as invaluable by those who follow in his footsteps.

His outstanding communication and negotiating skills resulted in great relations with all personnel and supporting establishments as he strived for a win-win scenario. By serving as key link between the G-6 and the customers, he performed a vital role by ensuring that the customer was greeted and taken care of in a professional and timely manner.

Gunnery Sergeant Stufflebeam is an outstanding Small Computer Systems Specialists with an exceptional degree of practical experience in the Information Technology field. His superior knowledge of Windows operating systems and networking issues enables him to solve ambiguous problems in a fast paced ever-changing environment. His abilities and exceptional leadership were showcased during the Pacific Commander in Chief (PAC CINC) Joint Task Force Conference, the Commandant's Executive Off-Site (EOS) Conference, and the Y2K Transition.

As the SNCOIC of the G6's Microcomputer Training section, he aggressively sought out the best materials and personnel for the G6's computer classes. He revised and implemented a training curriculum for Microsoft Office software applications for Marine Corps Base active duty and civilian personnel. Under his leadership, over 3000 students within Marine Corps Base have been trained on MS Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access. He initiated and implemented a Japanese language Microsoft Office training course tailored specifically to meet the needs of the MLC employees within Marine Corps Base. Gunnery Sergeant Stufflebeam also supervised and managed the Marine Corps Base Information Systems Coordinator (ISC) program that today consist of over 170 personnel assigned to this program. Thanks to his efforts, the training section is on a solid track for future success.

His strong character and dynamic leadership enabled him to excel in directing and motivating subordinates. Not once has he ever hesitated to lend a hand to personnel inside or outside the Department whenever needed. Should no one be immediately available to fill a particular position or function, he has unfailingly jumped in to ensure mission accomplishment. On several occasions, he has readily taken on the workload of junior Marines allowing them to participate in organizational or civic activities. He earnestly cares about the welfare of his Marines, both personal and professional.

Through his superior knowledge, steadfast devotion, and exceptional ability, he has displayed the highest caliber of work and proven himself in a highly professional manner during his career. He has made lasting and significant contributions to the command. His superior performance of duty during this tour is the hallmark of a career devoted to accomplishing broad and diverse tasks, highlighting the culmination of over 22 years of honorable and dedicated Marine Corps Service.









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